Movin’ On Up!

Hello Conscious Mamas & friends,

It has been too long since I blogged, I know! But let me tell you, there has been much change a rollin’ and I have so much to share with you. Moon isn’t the only one developing and coming into greater being these days. I have been deep in the process of rebirth, yet again, as it feels my time is ripe to begin working outside of my home. Though of course, what happens inside of me and my home is my work!

Come on over to the new and improved Conscious Mamas residence: and sign up there to stay connected. Would love your support as I continue to evolve in my life and work! Once I figure out how all this new upgraded technology works (which by the way I feel really proud about how much I’m learning already because I am notoriously technology resistant), my blogging will continue! I also have a few other teaching and writing projects that are simmering and would love to share the goods with you soon.

Love to you all,