I started a blog! I know, I am about 10 years late on that front.. I’ve been writing for so many years now and I’m finally ready to go public and share my thoughts, and my guts, with the world. Ironically, I’ve never been so rusty. I mean, i just had a baby 4 months ago. It’s only recently that I have found the time to brush my teeth every day. Well, almost every day. So to think of taking the time to write, and god knows it’s been a while since i sat at the great loom of my thoughts and wove anything at all, is pretty luxurious and slightly daunting. All you mamas out there know how your brain cells are broken down and processed into your breastmilk leaving you temporarily (i hope!) less sharp and more spacey then you’ve ever been before. Right? So forgive me please for all my future grammatical transgressions and the like. Anywhoooooo…. motherhood is so INTENSE. I just have to share about. Writing has always been how i mine for gold in my life experiences, and then process it, make meaningful connections, and weave it all together in the great story of my existence.

Motherhood is so magical, beautiful, terrifying, confusing, loaded, deep, mind boggling, heart opening, isolating, illuminating, fun… just to name a few, and i don’t want to do it alone. Within one fell swoop, or rather several side-splitting pushes, I birthed a brand new dimension! Because with the magic of new life/old soul, comes an entire new planet in the orbit of our universe. My beautiful daughter, Veda Moon, not only opened the door to a brand new dimension of reality, but also to my self. I want to share my experience and hear about yours. Because this thing called motherhood is a spiritual journey, a rebirthing of self, and what better way to expand and let go and transform consciously then through sharing our stories, struggles, triumphs and recipes with one another.