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WIth all my women-centered, mother honoring, moon gazing, goddess worshipping focus… it’s easy to overlook the fact that it (usually) takes two to turn a maiden into a mother. If you are so fortunate to have a Yang to your Yin, then this weekend is the time to really celebrate that. Sure, it’s kind of a Hallmark holiday, but who cares? Our men deserve their due.

Father’s Day is a day where we can honor all that it takes to be a man. It’s easy to sit around and think about how amazing and special women are. What, with our ability to create, birth, and sustain life.. all while running the world too. Yes, women are amazing, but where would we be without our good men? Fierce feminism came as a reaction to oppression, but now there is no longer any reason to react. We can be all that we wish to be and more, and we can honor the men in our lives for being our rocks, our soft landings, our partners, lovers, and friends. Maybe our men don’t always “get it”, maybe they still miss the mark at times or fail to understand the complexity of being a goddess,   but maybe it’s not so easy to be a man now-a-days. Who are their role models? Most of our fathers were either children during the second world war, or children of the 50’s. Men in those days were macho, holding it together during the roughest of times, and they raised their boys to be the same. Today, the cosmic order is changing and the patriarchal systems are finally breaking down. This affects us all. The divine feminine is on the rise as we are reclaiming our power, getting what we are fully made of, and finding safety in the strength of our vulnerability again. With all that, our men need our wisdom, our patience, and our guidance. We definitely need for them to be more then ever before, but they need us to help them step into that. In the meantime, we can honor them for all that they are!

In short, Father’s Day was founded by a woman who wanted to honor the men in her family. The year was 1910 and her father, a Civil War veteran, was a single parent who reared six children! What a beautiful example of a strong man embodying his inner feminine too. William Jackson Smart, the archetype underpinning the spirit of this paternal day, is a beautiful example of the power and grace of a good man. So let us take that spirit and honor our own good men.

I’ve been searching my heart trying to figure out how i can properly honor my husband on his first Father’s Day. I don’t just want to do the typical thing. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but i’d really like to do something special, deeply thoughtful. I want him to know that i appreciate all that he is and all that he does. It’s easy to take for granted those that sustain us, but i want to take this opportunity to say…. Thank you.

Thank you for being my rock, for showing me what a man is really capable of, for being strong enough to hold me and soft enough to love me madly, unabashedly and without reserve. Thank you for being such a brave seeker of truth, for bearing your soul and your heart no matter what, for being willing to break through all you defaults, your inner conflicts, your shadows, and your fears. I so appreciate your commitment to evolution even though it is most certainly not the easy path. Thank you for honoring the divine goddess in me, for all your creativity and heart, and all the ways that i have been celebrated since the day we met. You never fail to surprise and delight me with your masterful thoughtfulness and creativity. I love how much you appreciate beauty, how much you love to garden and love nature, yet you have the best collection of tools i have ever seen and you actually know how to use them! I love your handiness. Thank you for putting up with me and all my complexity, for not giving up on me when i was afraid to love, and for making it safe enough for me to love freely despite the harsh environment that you had to tolerate from me in order to do so. Thank you for spoiling me with your time and attention, and for spoiling me with earthly goodies too. Thank you for your amazing commitment to being a fierce provider for this family, for working hard so that you can physically make our dreams come true. Thank you for putting me first when i really need it, and for learning to put yourself first knowing that when you do you will be able to really be the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for making a baby with me, for welcoming this new soul into our family with every ounce of sweetness in your being, for being a beautiful father and for trusting all my motherly instincts. Your love and trust in the goddess is more a reflection of you then of me. Thank you for being you.