Oh my, it has been an ungodly amount of time since i’ve written anything! Life has been a bit like a landslide, some good, some bad, and some very, very ugly. The year began strong with Veda turning One year old, and i finally got to the bottom of some major health issues that were cropping up. I have a dysfunctional adrenal gland. I’ve had this for over ten years now, had it first diagnosed just about a year before having Veda. The diagnosis was validating and revelatory and the healing protocol prescribed by my naturopath was absolutely life changing. Through a series of detoxes and herbal and amino acid supplementation, my immune system was back on track, my digestion was perfection, and my energy was balanced and buoyant all within less then 6 months. I couldn’t believe i went all those years suffering a myriad of symptoms, always sick, when the cure was so simple.

And then i got pregnant. It was truly at the perfect time because i was very healthy and had a lot of reserves. I was doing yoga and meditating for a couple hours each day, my hormones were balanced, my diet was great since i cut out all the crap like sugar and gluten… I was in the best shape of my life spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I was whole and juicy and fertile in every way. Enter pregnancy… Pregnancy began to siphon all of the goodness right out of me and by the time i was to give birth i felt very depleted.

Cut to 15 months later- an unquantifiable period of sleep deprivation, the output of nutrients each day/night from so much breast feeding (still going strong!), and the stress of the first year of motherhood- and you basically have a recipe for a relapse. And i have! In a big and messy way. I have not been well. It’s been an incredible stress on my whole family. I finally found myself a new naturopath, one who specializes in my condition and who has ample experience in working with nursing mothers and pregnant women. My foggy brain, my very serious short term memory loss, my fatigue, my low immune system, my anxiety, my dry skin, my poor digestion… it all is coming to an end. It may be another 6 months before i feel fully robust again but i can see health on the horizon and i can’t wait!!! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

In support of “Get Jess Healthy!” i will be night weaning my daughter in the coming weeks. This is something i have been rolling around in my head for many months, knowing that i needed it for my well being but also knowing that Veda wasn’t ready to weather the loss of night nursing just yet. It was a struggle to have my well-being pitted straight up against her lack of readiness for something that could help my healing. I kept saying that when she turned 1 i would do it but then her 1 year birth day came and went and i didn’t feel she was ready. Now she is 15 months and it is remarkable how much can change in such a short time for these little humans. So with excitement (for a full or at least almost full nights sleep) and nervousness i await the night when we begin. We’re all just getting over a bug we picked up in Mexico recently, so when i feel we’re all fully recovered, reconnected and stable again, i will begin the process. We’ve been acting it out with her dolls, showing her how they get to nurse to anytime they want when the sun is out, but at night time mama’s “boobies” need to sleep too. I know she won’t take this process laying down, but we will be with her the whole time, holding her and teaching her how to fall asleep all by herself until she doesn’t need hand holding anymore. I am told the process can take up to a month but probably won’t. I’ll likely write some posts chronicling the process.

About that Mexican bug…. yeah, we went to Mexico for my 30th birthday. It was divine!       Except for the part where Veda puked the entire flight home and then my husband was on the toilet all night long and then the next night i was in the ER for fluids to get rehydrated. That part was really unpleasant, but because i love a positive spin i will say that it was indeed a spring cleaning for all!

Okay i feel a little more caught up… health issues, night weaning, my birthday, Mexican bug. Yup, lightly up to date. Oh, and i cut off my hair! I always wanted it to be long and Botticelli-esq, but in reality it didn’t make me feel like a goddess.. it made me feel like Michelle Duggar. So i chopped it and feel so much more chic!!

Now i can focus my energy on the many things i have been slow cooking inside my heart for months! More blog posts soon to come! Stay tuned.

Much love and spring energy to you and your families. Plant some seeds, inside and out. XO