*For my subscribers out there, i apologize for the frequency of these emails now that i am chronicling a process. Feel free to delete if it’s not relevant to you! I will only chronicle the first week in a daily fashion. I haven’t figured out a way to avoid sending  every post to my readers, but i want to offer this process on the site in case anyone is in need of reading others stories on the topic. I know i was when i was nervous about doing it and curious how it went for other bedsharing toddlers specifically. 

Well, tonight was entirely simple. I bathed her, nursed her while getting her into her PJ’s, and then she played around the bedroom for a little bit. Then at 6:30pm i turned on her white noise machine, which is also a bedtime cue, and closed the door behind us.

Tonight my husband joined the party too! I wanted to wait a few days before enlisting his presence because in the past my daughter has been so attached to me  as the only nighttime parent that she would never accept any comforting from him at all once the sun went down. Since sleep and nighttime comforting has been this intimate thing that we shared quite exclusively, i wanted to allow the first few days of this process to be just the two of us, something we were facing together as opposed to something that was pulling her away from me. I didn’t want to totally freak her out by taking away the boob and introducing papa all in one fell swoop.

We have a giant family bed. Two mattresses on the floor side by side. One is a queen which my husband and i share (most of the time anyways), and the other is a full and it pretty much belongs to Veda. Though each night is a unique game of musical beds!

Papa rested on the queen while Veda and i snuggled up in the full reading stories and snuggling. She crawled into papa’s arms and gave him near a million kisses. She kept flopping back and forth between us, kissing us both and restlessly tumbling around. She is certainly still figuring out this whole just-get-in-bed-and-fall-asleep routine. But she is getting it. Her eyelids got heavy as i softly recited one of her current favorite books The Napping House. That’s right, i know every book we own by heart. Comes in handy when the book itself is just another distraction for staying awake! I stroked her hair and rubbed her back and by 6:50, just 20 short minutes after bedtime began, she was out like a light and papa and i snuck out of the room.

She awoke for some nursing at 11pm, then again at some point in the middle of the night (and nursed for a long time then too), and then was awake for the day at 5:30am. This is a bit earlier then usual. Not sure what that’s about. Though it could be more about teething and less about this new sleep process. She is working on a 4th tooth. Anyways, i don’t  consider anything before 6am a legitimate wake up call so i laid in bed and nursed her until about 6am when my darling husband whisked her away so i could sleep a little more.

Still awaiting some middle of the night reprieve, but totally trusting the process. Excited to see how long it takes her to go down tonight. It’s so fun to watch her master this new skill, and she is definitely getting a little less anxious about nursing in the middle of night. As long as i don’t cut her off early and allow her to pull away when she is done, she seems to feel less worried that it will be take away again.

Stay tuned for night 5!