080627sleeping_monkey15 minutes to get her to sleep! She totally knew the drill tonight. As soon as the shades were drawn and the noise machine went on, she happily curled up in my arms in bed. We read a couple books, she talked to and kissed her dolls, then took my face with both her little hands and kissed me a bunch of times. Then i melted. Then she rolled over and let me lull her to sleep with some back rubbing and hair stroking. The end. Asleep by 6:45pm.

As a side note, she has also been taking epic 2 hour naps each afternoon for the past 3 days. Fluke? I don’t know. Time will tell. She’s been known to get my hopes up in the nap department many times in the past, so i know better then to start making plans! But i think it’s a very likely possibility that with her freshly acquired skills she is able to get some juicier naps in. It all remains to be seen.

She awoke and was nursed at 9:50pm and then nursed her usual couple of times throughout the night. She awoke at 5am, nursed and was ready to roll for the day by 5:30am. This is not cool. I need to try putting her down a little closer to 7pm and see if that helps. This child just does not need a lot of sleep! If i attempt to offer her anything more then 10 hours a night she refuses it. Feeling exhausted. Must tinker with the times and see if we can set this right!

But on the upside, she is totally on board with going to bed with only a little help and TLC!