Sleep teaching was a total success! 6 days, no tears, down to 7 minutes to fall asleep. Now we wait and watch as she masters her new skill and comes to grips with her newfound independence before we move into phase 2: night weaning.

She was up at 6am the next morning! So the slightly later bedtime worked. I think i may even be able to work us towards 7am over time.

I am totally amazed that this child is falling asleep on her own. There was a time when i would spend an hour nursing her while walking and swaying all at once just to get her to sleep. She used to oftentimes sleep in a crib in our spare room during the early part of the night so that my husband and i would have access to our bedroom while she was asleep. That ended abruptly one day recently when she just decided that she would make putting her down into the crib completely impossible. No matter how asleep she seemed after god only knows how long of nursing and swaying, she would awake the minute she felt me bend forward and would make me start the lulling all over again. Soon i caught on to what she was after! She would fall asleep quite quickly if i was laying beside her in our family bed, no swaying needed. Then i could slink away after she was out. I have to say, as i tip toed out of our bedroom last night, only 7 minutes after getting her to bed, there was a slight sadness in me. A part of me missed our elaborate bedtime shenanigans. There was such a sweet intimacy to them, even though they were laborious and exhausting too. My slight sadness is a good reminder that transitions require gentleness for everyone because change and growth can be hard (especially for little ones who don’t know what else they can expect moving forward) and letting go of certain types of connections or dependencies can bring grief. I can now understand even more keenly  these sentiments, and why Veda continues to wake so often and for greater length then usual for boobie in the middle of the night. I really feel her! For even i harbor a small sadness at the letting go of our long and snuggly bedtime ritual of nursing and cuddling and holding. I get it. She needs time and time she shall get before we move into phase 2 of this process and begin to tapper off the night nursing.

Our process will continue for another week or two before the actual night weaning starts but you won’t hear from us on this topic again until i’ve compiled more note worthy information!