Links & Rescources

BREASTFEEDING. I have had every infection and discomfort known to lactating boobies anywhere, so i have done a lot of research! These are my favorite, most reliable sites on breastfeeding.


BABYWEARING. I live to wear my baby close to me so i love the support, safety, comfort, closeness, and protection that woven wraps provide for the both of us. There is also a ton of research about how wearing your baby actually supports emotional and intellectual health and development! Check out: StorkenwiegeGirasol or Didymos.

***If you live in the NYC area, you must check out the store Caribou Baby. They have an amazing selection of wraps, slings, and carriers for you and your baby, and tons of other really lovely products for the natural mama and baby.


MINDFUL PARENTING PRACTICESThese include everything from Attachment Parenting to Positive Parenting to Authentic Parenting. All great resources and spring boards for cultivating mindful, compassionate, and conscious relationships with our children. Also, look into the many sources on Non-Violent Communication.

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION. Debbie Ford is a teacher of mine and an infinite source of inspiration for me personally and professionally. If you are interested in doing Shadow work, or delving more deeply into find your bliss, check her out. Her Life Coaching program is one of the best, if you are looking for a coach.

DebbieFord and Integrative Coaching

SPIRITUAL PRACTICES. Included here are resources for various spiritual practices that i personally love and think are worth checking out. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is an all encompassing, mind blowing yoga practice full of meditation, asanas, and chanting. For mindfulness meditation, which is the very user-friendly, beginner-friendly meditation practice, i have always loved Sharon Salzberg. But there are plenty of great teachers out there too. Oh, and Pema Chodron. Her books are at the top of my list of really healing and insightful reads! If you love to dance and be in motion check out conscious dance practices such as 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion, and Prayerdanse. Also, if you enjoy devotional music and chanting check out Krishna Das, and Snatam Kaur, Simrit Kaur, Guru Ganesha Singh, Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa, Gurunam Singh and so many more.


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